Evictions Attorney

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image26938716You decided to diversify your income by investing in rental property. The tenants come with a strong recommendation, stellar credit report, and a great interview, conducted by you personally. Deposit is made, and theyproceed to move into your property.

To your shock and surprise, the first of the month comes and goes and you do not receive your rent payment. You later learn that not only are the tenants not paying rent, they have moved in additional occupants that you do not know, and have not approved of. The new occupants have brought their three dogs and two cats, in blatant breach of the lease agreement. What’sworse is you find out that the tenants and occupants are destroying your property. You need them out now!!

Don’t panic and call us today. Here at The Law Office of John A. Wagner, we have combined experience, efficiency and affordability, and will take immediate action to have the tenants and occupants removed from the property using every means available within the law. We will also fight to obtain compensation for any damage caused. Whether it isan eviction from a residential or commercial property, for reasons ranging from non-payment to any other breach of your lease agreement, we want to help you.

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