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Prenuptial Agreement PhotoAt The Law Office of John A. Wagner, we are experienced in multiple facets of family law.

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

You’ve found the person of your dreams and popped the question. One or both of you may have assets you acquired prior to meeting the love of your life, and just in case your relationship ends before death does you part, it is important to protect those assets. Reaching an agreement as to how your physical possessions, real estate, bank accounts, business, potential future acquisitions of property, business, and other assets, does not mean you are planning for a divorce, merely setting forth what will happen in a worst case scenario.

You and your fiancé should have ample time to review any proposed prenuptial agreements with independent counsel of your choosing. This is not an endeavor you should pursue with merely a few days before your wedding vows.

Divorce PhotoWhether you are planning on entering into an agreement prior to the wedding (prenuptial/antenuptial), or after you have tied the knot (postnuptial), it is important to ensure the proper language is included in the agreement so that should you find yourself in a position where you need to rely upon the terms of the agreement, it will be enforceable during divorce proceedings.

  • Divorce/Dissolution
    • Whether you have been married months or years, the decision to end a marriage is often emotional and rarely easy. We are here to get you through the process. Many times people are able to resolve the division of their property, assets, and debts, at mediation, and even agree upon a parenting plan, however that is not always possible.
    • We will work hard with you to resolve your matter as quickly and amicably as possible, but if resolution is not an option we will litigate your matter aggressively through trial.


  • Child Support
  • Modification of alimony and child support
  • Enforcement of existing court orders
  • Relocation
  • Domestic Violence