Residential & Commercial Insurance Claims

Insurance PageWhether it is your home or your business, you invested your hard earned money and time in making it the investment that it is today. Now, your investment has suffered an insurance loss, and your insurance company has either denied the claim, or is refusing to fully compensate you for the actual amount of your loss. What do you do?

Relax and call our office. Here at The Law Office of John A. Wagner, we effectively prosecute, manage, and litigate insurance disputes for both residential and commercial properties. We understand that the cost of a loss goes far beyond the property itself. Should it be additional costs associated with having to temporarily leave your property while repairs commence, or simply maintaining the lifestyle you have become accustomed to during the time it takes to complete the repairs, we will do everything it takes to seek full compensation.

Whether your property has suffered a loss from water damage, windstorm damage, hail, flood, fire and smoke, theft, or any other damage, don’t take on the insurance company alone. The insurance companies purposely make their policies complex and complicated, and will try to use these complexities to deny or under pay you for your claim. Don’t be undercompensated, call us.