Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Foreclosure Page PhotoIt is often said that your home is the most important investment of your life. Now, you’ve hit some hard times, the bank is trying to kick you out of your home and threatening sale at auction. It is time to call The Law Office of John A. Wagner. We will defend this foreclosure action affordably and aggressively, while assessing the situation from every angle looking for alternative options to help you stay in your home in a manner that both you and the bank are happy with.

We understand that mortgage foreclosure cases are time consuming and stressful for the homeowner. With our office’s experience and knowledge handling these cases, you can sit back and feel confident that your case is being defended in an effective and affordable manner. It is important to understand mortgage foreclosure cases are inherently difficult to defend, and not every case will have a positive outcome. However, rest assured that with our services, we will do everything necessary to protect your interests and rights throughout the process, while also exploring and attempting all alternative options to keep you in your home.

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