Investors/Third Party Purchasers

3rd party purchaser_writ of possession photoSo, you decided to get into the real estate game. It seems like the perfect time to pick up some real estate with the recent boom in Mortgage and Homeowners Association foreclosure auctions. So, you go the courthouse steps, or more likely online, and bid on the property. Congratulations! You are the winning bidder. Seems as though that should be the end of the story right? Well, not so fast.

What do you do if it turns out that the previous owners are still in the property you bought and they refuse to leave? What about when you buy the property for what you thought was a steal, at a Homeowners Association foreclosure auction, only to realize that there is a first and second mortgage still encumbering the property? Or, how about when the auction closes but the office of the Clerk of Court refuses to issue you the title because they claim the sale was not properly published advising of the sale? These are just some of the nightmare scenarios in which many bidders find themselves.

It is moments like this, when you need to contact The Law Office of John A. Wagner. We have extensive experience in all issues related to the purchasing of properties at foreclosure auctions. Whether you need a Writ of Possession to remove a previous owner, advice on dealing with other lien holders, defense against Mortgagees, or a refund in general, we have the knowledge and ability you affordably and effectively represent all of your needs.

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